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Solarcap is a highly efficient solar water heating system that is not just more durable than current available versions, but also aesthetically pleasing as it totally eliminates the need for unsightly large panels on your roof. Solarcap works by replacing portions of your roof's ridge cap with the Solarcap solar tanks.


Substantial energy cost savings when using solar energy to heat your water. 

Locally designed and produced with local product support, resulting in lower production cost​.

Long life span (estimated 20+ years), with very low maintenance cost when compared to any other system.

​Easily integrated onto existing buildings and energy systems to keep costs to a minimum.

Aesthetically pleasing. Designed to complement your existing roof system. It is the world's first "invisible" solar water heating system.

Very simple and quick to install with minimal training required for qualified plumbers. 

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Solarcap is a company focused on the design and production of the trademarked and patented Solarcap Water Heating System. Our mission is to establish Solarcap as the leading solar water heating product in Africa and to provide opportunities to regionally-based small businesses to become installation partners of Solarcap in their communities. We ultimately want these partners to become smaller production facilities within their region.


The concept of Solarcap was born back in 2012 when the original founder, Mr Roy Patterson, became increasingly unhappy with the unsightly solar water heating systems adorning the roofs of large developments. This discomfort prompted the need to design a functional, yet aesthetic alternative. He also  knew that the solution had to be cost effective, robust, simple to install and above all: aesthetically pleasing. 


After five years of development work and testing, the Solarcap Heating System was finally ready to enter the market.  The Solarcap Heating  System has been acclaimed to be one of the most innovative new technologies in Africa today and has won many awards.


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